Sunday, February 16, 2014

ways To Enhance Your Sense Of Humor

1. Regain your smile firstly. Smile and laugh are different from each other, but they are very similar. You can smile at the simple things, such as get together with your lover or a best friend, a success in a competition, or see some funny things. If you smile, it means there is no stress with you. If you do not smile at least ten times, you should find out what on earth you are depressed all day.
2. Watch some comedy films. Rent some movies to watch, and laugh at ease. Relax yourself totally. Learn some humorous points from the film.
3. Try to read some comics when you are free everyday. Do not read the things which make you think about your life trivial things. Extract some interesting things and put them on the refrigerator, on the computer or everywhere you can look them easily.
4. Sort your photos and find some photos that you like most. You can write some interesting things on it.
5. It is a good time to share your interesting story or embarrassing time to your family. You will enjoy the dinner very much.
6. Remember some most embarrassing moments in your life. And then discover the humor in them. You can practice to tell the stories in a humorous way. It is fine that you can dramatic them a little, but it might be quite funny. By revealing your bad moment, you can open yourself much more and avoid the self-deprecating.
7. If you are irritated by a person's offending, it is wise for you to react with humor but not the hostility. For instance, when your friends are late again, you can say, "I am happy for you because you are not running a train." Life is not very long; you need make anyone to be a enemy. You do not need to waste your time fighting with others. However, if you are treated with Hostility by a persons for several times, you can response him with your way. If you can not change the person or the situation, you can response him in a humorous way.
8. Spend 15 minutes giggling a day. You can do like this: You and a friend lie on the bed with your head on her stomach, and her head on another person's stomach etc. (the more people have, the more effect is). Let one to say, "Ha." The second person speaks: "Ha-ha." The next person keep saying, "Ha-ha-ha."You all people will keep laughing in no time.
9. With a humorous friend. This person should be the one you can tell him some interesting things and she will also tell you some funny stories which she experienced.

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